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Meet our Krus (Muay Thai trainers)!

Each of our Muay Thai trainers bring a unique experience to the table while teaching.  They all have their own fighting and teaching style, so whether you are after hard Bangkok style pad work, technical pad work, or anything between, you will find what you are looking for at Rittisak Muaythai.  Read below and get to know them today.  

Kru Chok Rittisak


250 + Muaythai fights

Former Rajadamnern Stadium Champion at 118lbs and winner of the coveted Golden jacket (seua samart) for 10 consecutive wins.  An elusive feat not achieved by many in the golden era of Muaythai, circa 1996.    

South Thailand Champion at 118lbs.

Kru Chok has over 30 years experience collectively as a fighter and trainer.  He first started training Muaythai at the ripe old age of 8 years old.  He went trained for his very first fight with only his brother, a pair of broken pads and a rice bag hanging from a tree, in the backyard of his home in Cha-uat Province, Nakhon Si Thammarat, South Thailand.  He then went on to grace the stages at the most prestigious stadiums in Thailand.  With a lot of hard work in between of course.  

His fighting style is the classical and popular Muay Femur style.  Preferring to use defence and counter techniques, as well as, fight IQ to outsmart his opponents.  He enjoyed fighting against Muay Khao (knee fighters) and Muay Dern (forward walking fighters), as he felt this style was easy for him to win against.  He hated fighting against other Muay Femurs, because in his words, “very headache”, working out how to outsmart them and score.  His favourite weapons are teeps and sweeps.   

He first started his journey as a Muaythai trainer in Phuket, where he eventually made it into the top 10 best trainers in all of Phuket Province.  He has worked as Head Trainer at some well known and reputable gyms in Phuket, before moving to Koh Phangan Island. He has also worked abroad in Australia. 

He is suited to all levels of experience.  He possesses a very unique style of holding pads.  First and foremost, he will make sure that you have solid fundamentals, with a heavy focus on defence, before teaching you his tricky Muay Femur ways.  You are guaranteed to level up under his guidance and your defence will be impossible to penetrate.  Kru Chok has a mean clinch, teep and sweep game, with a beautiful kick to top it off.  

He is a rare gem of a teacher with the English skills to tell you his story.  You should really hear it for yourself one day!


Kru Mood

Head trainer / active fighter

250 + Muaythai fights

Former professional Bangkok Stadium fighter at Channel 3 Stadium, Rajadamnern Stadium, and Lumpini Stadium

South Thailand Champion at 112lbs.

Kru Mood also began Muaythai young at the age of 8 years old.  He quickly started fighting in his home province of Nakhon Si Thammarat, in the South of Thailand.  Fun fact, Kru Mood and Kru Chok trained together at the same gym in Bangkok.  

His fighting style is Muay Tae (strong kicks) and Muay Femur (technical).  He would prefer to fight against Muay Khao (knee) fighters because in his words, “easy to kick”.  

Kru Mood is suited to all levels and sizes.  He has experience in training Thai stadium fighters, so if you ever do a fight camp under him, he will make sure you are strong and prepared.   He also has experience working abroad in Singapore and China.  

He has a fast paced Bangkok style way of holding pads. Kru Mood can guarantee to make you sweat, work hard, lose weight and become a lean mean fighting machine. 

Most importantly though, he has an infectious smile and laugh, with a happy and friendly demeanour.  

Kru Aon


110 + Muaythai fights

35 + Western boxing fights 

WBA World Boxing Champion, WBU Boxing champion & Paba Boxing champion 

Former professional Bangkok Stadium fighter

Hailing originally from Northern Thailand, Kru Aon began his Muaythai career at age 9.  

His fighting style is a unique mix of Muay Femur (classical), Muay Mat (strong punches) & Southpaw (left handed).  In light of this interesting mix of styles, a famous promoter and gym owner, Niwat Laosuwanwat of The Galaxy Gym in Bangkok, saw that he had talent for western boxing and took him under his wing.  

This is where Kru Aon switched to fighting western boxing and became WBA world champion. 

Fun fact: Kru Chok and Kru Aon previosuly worked together at a reputable Phuket gym.  Kru Aon has also worked abroad in Japan, China and Vietnam,  

Due to his wealth of experience, Krus Aon is a well rounded trainer.  He has a very friendly and kind hearted demeanour (though a little bit shy at first).  He is great at holding pads for all levels, no matter if you are a beginner or fighter.  

Kru Beaw


250 + Muaythai fights

Former Rajadamnern Stadium Champion.

Kru Beaw is the younger brother to Kru Aon, and also hails from Northern Thailand.  These two grew up to be a powerhouse duo in the world of Muaythai & boxing with many great achievements.  

Kru Beaw’s fighting style is Muay Khao (strong knees). 

Kru Beaw has extensive experience working in well known gyms in Phuket.   He is suited to all levels, and especially if you are a fan of the Muay Khao fighting style, as his pad work is high intensity and simulates this style well.  Tall in stature and weighing 75kg makes Kru Beaw an excellent sparring and clinch partner for our taller students too.  

The best thing about Krus Beaw? His laugh! You can’t help but laugh too when he gets the giggles.  

Kru Beer

Trainer / active fighter

A veteran of the sport with over 450 + Muaythai fights

Hailing from Trang Province in Southern Thailand, Kru Beer started training and fighting at the age of 8 years old.  

Kru Beer is a former Bangkok stadium fighter and has graced the stages of the famous Lumpini, Channel 7 and Channel 3 stadiums.  Though technically in retirement now, he does occasionally fight locally still, and when he does he puts on a hell of a show.  Kru Beer’s fighting style is Muay Femur.  Really though,  he can adjust and execute all fighting styles.  

Kru Beer has extensive experience as a trainer and we can guarantee his excellency at pad holding.  He knows how to make training fun but also knows how to work you hard and smart.    

Suited to all levels, whether you are a complete beginner or professional fighter.    

Kru Beer has a very easy going and happy nature, which you will immediately feel comfortable around as he cracks a joke to make you laugh.  We really love having his energy in the gym.  

Kru Dom


Kru Man

Trainer / Active Fighter

Kru Nueng

Trainer / active fighter

Kru Tem

Trainer / Active Fighter